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Single Origin
8oz / 227g
Medium Roast.
Balanced, berries, sweet

Doi Saket is the oldest coffee growing area in Thailand, located in Chiang Mai province. Back in the late 1970's, the first Arabica trees that were part of the opium replacement program of the Thai King were tested here, and have never been replaced by higher-yield cultivars like in many other regions. As a result, heirloom varietals, particularly Typica, are still commonplace in many old farms. The coffee trees are 30-40 years old, older than the farmers! We want to demonstrate to the farmers that there are people who appreciate and are willing to pay more for the heirloom cultivar to compensate for the lower yield. Typica is now rare as farmers replaced it with higher yield and more rust resistant strands.

This is a fully washed lot. The coffee cherries were picked during the day and pulped at night. The parchment is dry-fermented for one night (12 hours), before manually removing the remaining mucilage in the morning. Then, it's soaked for 24 hours and dried on raised beds for 3 weeks then delivered to our dry mill. In terms of green preparation, the coffee went through a destoner, huller, size grader, density table and ended with hand-sorting.

The green passed through density table multiple times. We shipped coffee in a triple layered bag, which includes a cotton bag in the outer layer, High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) in the middle layer and Grain Pro in the inner most layer.

Various Smallholders farms organized by Beanspire Mill
Heirloom Typica
Doi Saket, Chiang Mai, Thailand
January - April
1300 masl
Fully washed—Anaerobic Fermentation
100% Compostable Packaging with corn starch lining and 100% Compostable tree-free labels are now made of sugar cane. Please keep it out of sunlight & heat, and compost after you finish enjoying your coffee.

Label illustration
By Sabrina/Shan.