[Now 12oz Bag] Ellie-vated - Doi Pangkhon, Thailand

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Single Origin
12oz / 340g
Medium Roast.
Brown Spice, Milk Chocolate, Fudge


Doi Pangkhon Washed comes to us from coffee producers in the Doi Pangkhon community in the Chiang Rai province of Thailand. The community includes around 300 households, each typically producing 1–2 tons of parchment coffee yearly. Producers here grow Catuai and Typica varieties alongside the local Chiang Mai variety and SJ133 variety coffees that are common across the country’s coffee-growing regions.

This coffee was sourced from our partner in Thailand, Beanspire Coffee. Beanspire began working with coffee producers in Doi Pangkhon in 2015, initially guiding each producer’s wet processing individually and purchasing their parchment coffee ahead of milling and grading at Beanspire’s dry mill. During the 2017/18 coffee year, Beanspire invested in a wet mill in Doi Pangkhon operated by the Merlaeku brothers—Apae, Asor, Nat, Amae, and Bas, members of the Akha ethnic group—and have continued investing in and improving the mill each season since. These improvements have included updating the mill’s pulping machines, adding a roof and concrete floor, building an onsite cupping lab for producers, and improving workflows and processes.

Coffee farming is a relatively new industry in Thailand that is attractive to young entrepreneurs. Thailand’s current coffee history dates back to the 1970s when an opium eradication project started by the King of Thailand introduced the first coffee trees to the area. Efforts to reforest degraded land and introduce coffee and other crops to replace illicit cultivations proved extremely successful. Farmers’ mountain properties today are flourishing, with many of the original planted varieties thriving in healthy production.

Beanspire’s co-founders, Fuadi Pitsuwan and Jane Kittiratanapaiboon, are part of the young generation moving the Thai coffee industry forward. Thailand is unique as a coffee-producing country; the country’s specialty cafe and roaster scene is thriving, and domestic consumption demands regularly outpace the country’s production volume. Only around 5% of Thailand’s specialty coffee is exported yearly, while Thai coffee drinkers enjoy the rest. This means that the coffees selected for export by the team at Beanspire are each chosen to share the work of Thai coffee producers with a global audience, providing a glimpse into the growing specialty coffee revolution happening in the country.

Beanspire mill is one of the most advanced in Thailand, with a designer, huller, and gravity table for density sorting. Jane and Fuadi have built Beanspire to produce quality from the outset, passing all coffee through density and hand sorting multiple times to ensure quality and uniformity. Coffee is packed in triple-layer bags for shipment: cotton bag as an outer layer, High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) as the middle layer, and GrainPro as an inner layer. The HDPE bags help maintain moisture content, thus preserving quality for longer. Our partnership with Beanspire Coffee began in 2019, and we’re proud to continue that partnership to share this unique lot of coffee with you.

This coffee underwent a “Kenya-style” Washed process at the wet mill in Doi Pangkhon, building on the double fermentation Washed process common throughout Kenya. Cherries were first pulped with no water before being fermented. The pulped coffee was wet fermented before being briefly soaked and fully washed to remove any remaining mucilage. The Washed parchment coffee was then dried on raised bamboo beds for at least 14 days before being moved to a lowland area to finish drying to the optimal humidity.


Afae Lercheku Farm
Beanspire Coffee
Catuai, Typica, Chiang Mai, SJ133
Doi Pangkhon, Chiang Rai, Thailand
December - April
1250-1450 masl
Kenya-style Washed
100% Compostable Packaging with corn starch lining and 100% Compostable tree-free labels are now made of sugar cane. Please keep it out of sunlight & heat, and compost after you finish enjoying your coffee.

Label illustration
By Sabrina/Shan.

Dedicated to the baby ellie who gave me a nice bud kick when we volunteered in Chiang Mai Elephant Sanctuary back in 2019.