What We Believe About Coffee

We believe that coffee is so much more than a drink. Coffee is community. It is energy. It is a pure experience that brings people together. Coffee cultivates a higher state of consciousness and self-awareness. At Higher Land Coffee, we respect the process of making great coffee and we strive to provide a top quality product to enhance your journey. We do this by sourcing 300 raw aromatic compounds from an invigorating, eco-conscious, hand-roasted coffee.


Who We Are

We come from different backgrounds, work in different fields, and speak different languages, but together, we are the creators of Berkeley’s native micro-roaster, Higher Land Coffee. 


Co-Founder & Creative Director I am a graphic designer and visual artist based in the Bay Area. After I earned my BFA in Graphic Design from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, I moved to L.A. and worked in various design and advertising firms. While I gained invaluable experience after spending a few years working in this sector, I arrived at a renewed sense of purpose when I returned to school to earn my master’s degree in Visual Development. I am now a co-founder and creative director for Higher Land Coffee, a brand that I can stand behind with pride and gratitude for the community and experiences it has connected me to since we got started.  


Co-Founder & Coffee Aficianado, Photographer, & Videographer I studied Motion Picture & Television at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, and I have been a freelance filmmaker here in the Bay Area for nearly a decade. As a side hustle, I have worked as a barista in various places up and down the California coast where I learned the intricate mechanics of roasting, brewing, and serving premium coffee. For a time, I rigorously pursued the study of coffee roasting, and my travels have taken me to the doorsteps of roasting masters in Japan, Central and South America, and other regions of the United States. Through my studies, I have developed a profound appreciation for the artistry that yields good coffee.


The Real Boss. She is mysterious and a master in her own right. She governs Higher Land Coffee from beyond the office, and she will always be a valued member of our team.  


Our rising star, who is always camera ready. We adopted her in the beginning of 2021. And she soon became a new crew follows Taoyan everywhere at home. 


And What We Do

We roast small batches of top quality beans and carefully nurture them to bring out their best flavor profile. Our beans are organically farmed, naturally processed, and fair-traded from independent farmers who grow in beautiful regions throughout the world. Each batch is completely unique and never repeated, which makes the experience we provide our customers truly one of a kind.

So How Did We Started

Our work  began as a side project for which we both shared an incendiary passion.  We set out to improve public health by offering pure, organic coffee. We took it upon ourselves to source only ecologically sound beans that would help preserve rather than harm the planet. We endeavored to create a product and a brand that would bring people together and strengthen our community.

What We Value The Most

Quality Over Quantity, Timeless Over Trendy, Our Health, Our Planet, Our Community.

Includes you and me — the farmers — cats — dogs — birds — trees — bees — whales — the ocean —  and every — living — breathing — being.