Ellie-vated - Mae Kha Jan, Thailand

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Single Origin
8oz / 227g
Medium Roast.
Cherry, Dark Chocolate, Malic Acid, Pear, Red Fruit


Mae Kha Jan is located in Chiang Rai Province of Northern Thailand. Smallholder producers grow coffee in Chiang Rai’s high mountains and begin processing the coffee on their own farms, where they depulp, wet ferment for 12-24 hours, and fully wash the coffee. Most farmers dry their coffee on raised bamboo beds, others on patios, for 15–20 days.

Coffee farmers in Chiang Rai, on average, are 25-35 years old. Coffee farms in Thailand are accessible and coffee farming is profitable, making it an attractive business for young entrepreneurs. This is possible due to the history of coffee farming in Thailand, which began with an opium eradication project begun by the King of Thailand in the 1970s. Efforts to reforest degraded land and introduce coffee and other crops to replace illicit cultivations proved extremely successful. Farmers’ mountain properties are thriving, with coffee of the Catuai, Typica, and local Chiang Mai varieties thriving in healthy production.

Thai coffee is an all-around success story, and continued coffee agriculture in the north ensures a sustainable future where crops continue to afford farmers fair livelihoods without the risk of violence. Community lots such as this one offer a collective benefit to the producers of Mae Kha Jan and Chiang Rai.

Various Smallholders farms organized by Beanspire Mill
Catuai, Typica, Chiang Mai
Chiang Rai, Thailand
January - April
1300 masl
Fully washed—Anaerobic Fermentation
100% Compostable Packaging with corn starch lining and 100% Compostable tree-free labels are now made of sugar cane. Please keep it out of sunlight & heat, and compost after you finish enjoying your coffee.

Label illustration
By Sabrina/Shan.

Dedicated to the baby ellie who gave me a nice bud kick when we volunteered in Chiang Mai Elephant Sanctuary back in 2019.