Pura Vida

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12oz / 340g
Dark Roast.
Sweet and smooth, almost milk chocolate-like with a hint of brown spice and caramel.

Blend of
Costa Rica Organic, Thailand Doi Pangkho Kenya-styled Washed
Organic coffee beans
100% Biodegradable package. With 100% Compostable tree-free labels are now made of sugar cane.

Label illustration
By Sabrina/Shan. 
Inspired by the pure life of Costa Rica. Pura Vida!

In past years, Doi Pangkho's Kenya-styled Washed involved a double staged fermentation, which included dry fermentation, followed by wet fermentation, and ended with soaking. This harvest season, we experimented with extending the dry fermentation stage even longer, reducing the wet fermentation and soaking stages to a minimum. We dried bamboo-raised beds for at least 14 days and finished off the drying in the lowland.  We believe this experiment has produced a more complex coffee and maybe our standards from now on.  A "Kenya-style washed" process is a processing method that is widely used in Kenya and is known for producing clean, crisp, and consistent coffee. We believe this is the best season for Doi Pangkhon in the past 7 years that we've been processing there.